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This section of the Magic Kingdom® feels like you just stepped into the Old West and America’s pioneering past. This land is home to many of our all-time favorite attractions.


Don’t Miss...

Splash Mountain

A surprisingly thrilling ride through Disney’s classic film Song of the South. Follow whimsical Briar Rabbit through the caverns of the mountain as Briar Fox plots his doom. This mountain is filled with real surprises. Just when the colorful cartoon characters lull you into a false sense of security, that’s when it gets you...wet. The ride’s climax features a breathtaking five story near-vertical drop. Some might walk away perfectly dry, but you should be prepared to get thoroughly soaked. You never know!

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Now featuring a brand new fun interactive queue area. If you ask any roller coaster enthusiast where they first learned to love coasters, their answer may well be this runaway train ride. This is a thrill ride that everyone in the family can appreciate—it goes just fast enough to produce real squeals of joy, without ever quite crossing over into the terror zone. This coaster passes through amazing western scenery, and is virtually a different ride altogether after dark. It’s so much fun you’re likely to get right back in line and ride it again!

The Country Bear Jamboree

An outstanding attraction for families with smaller kids. Even skeptical adults are usually won over by these funny, musically gifted bruins. The Bears perform on a regular schedule all day long.


Other Frontierland Attractions

Tom Sawyer Island

Accessible only by raft from the Frontierland side of the River of America, Tom Sawyer Island is a frontier-style playground where kids can explore, run, climb, and blow off some extra steam. The island closes each evening at dusk. This is a favorite attraction for some visitors simply because it can be surprisingly quiet and peaceful even when the rest of the park is loud and crowded.

Frontierland Shooting Gallery

Test your marksmanship with coin-operated rifles that fire safe beams of light that cause humorous frontier-style targets to dance and move.

Walt Disney World® Railroad

The Frontierland Station is one of three stops along the train tracks encircling the entire Magic Kingdom®. This is a good way to rest your feet while steaming your way to the New Fantasyland Station and then onto the Main Street USA Station.


Frontierland Dining

The Diamond Horseshoe

Quick service. This Western dance hall is open seasonally and has a good selection of sandwiches and salads. (Usually open in summer.)

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Café

Quick service. Some claim this is the best burger in the Magic Kingdom®. If it is, it’s tied with Cosmic Ray’s over in Tomorrowland—both have very large condiment bars so you can build your burger (or sandwich or salad) any way you want it and then some!


Frontierland Snacks

Westward Ho

Corn dogs and cool drinks.

Golden Oak Outpost

Quick service. Chicken strips, nuggets, and snacks. Open seasonally.