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A 45-minute show that is part auditorium presentation and part ride—the theater actually transforms itself! The show is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, who takes you on a journey back to where our energy originated. This attraction has an elaborate depiction of dinosaurs that might be more suitable for young dinosaur fans who aren’t up to the scarier and more turbulent dinosaur attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom®.


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This ride actually comes in two flavors—mild and wild. The milder journey offers a fairly tame ride through a simulated space mission, while the wild one takes you on a startlingly realistic journey to Mars using the same sort of centrifugal simulators NASA really uses to train astronauts. You will be shocked at how realistic the launch sequence feels when real G-forces press you into your seat, followed by a sensation of floating when you finally reach orbit. This ride gives real roller coaster thrills, and is not for those who are sensitive to simulations, spinning, or thrill rides. All others will be amazed...and a little wobbly...as they disembark.

Advanced Training Lab

Younger space travelers will enjoy the space-themed games and play area. It’s basically a waiting area for those who prefer not to go on the space simulator adventure.


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Enter the development labs at Chevrolet Motor Corporation. The queue area is an interactive design studio that lets you actually help design the ride vehicle you will be testing in the thrill portion of the attraction. Once the design phase is complete, you board your test vehicle and take it out on the course. Test Track is actually one of the fastest moving amusement park rides in all of Walt Disney World®—cars get up to speeds exceeding 65 MPH!


Horizons/Wonders of Life Pavilion is currently being used as a general use events center. Open seasonally and for special events throughout the year.

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