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Pixar 4-d!
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A pavilion dedicated entirely to celebrating inspiration, including many of the elements that drive our dreams into reality.

Don’t Miss…

Pixar Shorts-4-D

Brand new to the Imagination Pavilion! many people have never seen these delightful short films created by the computer animation wizards at Pixar. Even if you have, you certainly have never seen them in a Disney's 4-D sensory experience like this!

Journey into Imagination with Figment

A very clever trip through all the elements that inspire us, led by a funny little dragon named Figment.


A large interactive playground that is both fascinating and fun.



This pavilion celebrates agriculture and the environment, and houses some great attractions and splendid dining options.

Don’t Miss...


A breathtaking hang gliding ride over California’s amazing vistas. This ride is extremely smooth, but if you are sensitive to simulated heights and motion, you may want to sit this one out.

Living with the Land

A leisurely boat trip through cutting edge advances in agriculture, gardening, and aquaculture. If you love gardening, this boat journey is for you.


Other Land Attractions

Circle of Life

This short movie featuring everyone’s favorite Lion King characters offers a valuable lesson on our stewardship of the Earth.


The Land Dining

Sunshine Seasons

Quick service. This is our favorite quick service dining in all of Epcot®—it’s more like a food court than a single restaurant, with lots to choose from. Some of the ingredients even come right from the Land’s experimental gardens!

The Garden Grill

Table service. All-you-can-enjoy buffet style character dining with Chip and Dale, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto. Reservations recommended.



This attraction contains a remarkable real sea life aquarium. It’s among the world’s largest, and is wrapped in a Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo theme. There is truly something here for everyone who is even remotely interested in marine life.


Don’t Miss...

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

A giant moving clam takes you on a journey to the bottom of the ocean. There are breathtaking views of a real coral reef, and interactions with everyone’s favorite cartoon fish characters.

Turtle Talk With Crush

This interactive experience is designed for very young fans of Finding Nemo—it’s a chance for your little ones to chat with their favorite surfing sea turtle. Awesome, dude!


The Seas Dining

Coral Reef Restaurant

Table service. If you love seafood, this may be your best choice in all of Walt Disney World®! There’s a fantastic view into the Sea’s massive aquarium, making this a dining experience you will never forget. Reservations recommended.


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