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Blog Post 2- Oct 27, 2021
Food & Wine Fest Run 2021

In less than a week, it will be time for Run Disney’s Food and Wine Fest Run that coincides with Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. 

It’s my favorite time of year and this run is highly anticipated for several reasons:

The “After Hours Boo Bash” formerly known as “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.” It’s a ticketed event with more park time, fun, villains characters you don’t see often, treats, and more. I don’t usually recommend the Disney firework parties, but this is much more than that. You can trick-or-treat throughout the park, less crowds for rides, and take pictures with characters you may not see on a regular day. 

You have the Food and Wine Fest - The crowd favorite when it comes to festivals at Disney. Sure there is the Garden and Flower Festival which is also quite lovely (spring time), but I think we all just really love our food and wine in the USA - at least from what I see on social media, forums, and how crowded the parks are this time of year.  It’s a nice way to eat your way through Epcot, enjoy truly amazing bites. I rarely make dining reservations the day I visit Epcot for the Food and Wine Fest. Note: You do not need an additional ticket for this event. You just show up to Epcot and eat and drink your little heart out. Because I am grazing at all the amazing stands, you don’t have a need to really do any sit-down dining options. Just eat and drink your way around the world. 

The run. This is the first in-person run since the pandemic.  Myself and many others (according to social media) were quite concerned this in-person race would get cancelled as well - especially with hopes prior runs earlier in the year would take place but simply couldn’t due to the complexity of the ongoing health crisis. It is highly anticipated and we all cannot wait to run through the most magical place on earth. This run historically is the fastest sold-out run Disney offers. So the fact I got a spot, I won’t waste it. I am so excited to do this race. 

If you’re running, there is a post race party (ticketed event) that the runners are eligible to attend. I won’t be in attendance for this year’s party, but I hope to run and see many of you at the park. I can’t wait to see costumes on the race track. 

“Kat what do you plan to eat while you are in Disney?” So, my foodie checklist when I go to Disney for the long weekend to run my little heart out, aka my foodie hit list for Food & Wine Fest weekend would consist of: 

Taffy Apples - Yes, Disney has these year-round but tis the season and with all the halloween-themed treats, this is one I fully-intend to enjoy. You can find them at least at each park’s confectionary (especially Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) as well as Disney Springs. I always admire the one that looks like Snow White’s poisoned apple. 

Any of the stand food at Epcot Food and Wine Fest. It’s so enjoyable and they’re all cheap eats that give you satisfying bites. It’s hard to not get seconds, but my recommendation would be to snack and move along. Favorites in the past that I hope make a comeback: Butternut squash ravioli with a light cream sauce, empanadas, skewered shrimp with fruit sauce over rice, Guinness-chocolate drink, tuna poké, and potato pancakes. I will obviously try other things, but those are my favorites from years past that I hope may a repeat appearance. And if not, I’m sure they’ll be great. But if you see them on a menu, grab em!

I’ll be packing my bags with Rice Krispies from the Magic Kingdom Confectionary to-go on my carry-on luggage. 
They’re in most giftshops, they’re cheap, but if you can find chocolate-dipped Mickey Pretzels, they are just rich and delightful. I never liked chocolate covered pretzels til I had these. So I always leave with a bag or a box. 

Mickey Mouse Waffles - I share more about this in my first blog and in the book, but you can bet that after the race, my happy-little-butt will be going to find Mickey Waffles. It’s my ritual. To me, the race is not over until I get my Mickey Waffles after I run. Likely at O’hana at the Polynesian or at the Wilderness Lodge’s Whispering Canyon Cafe. 

Hope to see you all there! DM me at ActualFactualMagic or Fancy at Home (my food blog) to say hi. If you have a copy of our book, I’ll sign a copy while I’m there. 

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First Food Blog- Oct 17, 2021
Welcome reader and fellow Disney fan to my blog!

I am so glad you’ve stumbled upon this page on the big world-wide web. 

My name is Kat, co-author of Actual Factual Magic - a guidebook to the wonderful Disney World. 
A little about me - I’ve traveled to Disney … too many times to count since I was about the age of five. 

I have seen it evolve, grow, expand - and in some way stay the same. The one thing I always look forward to, and is such a crucial part to any vacation — but especially at Disney World, is the dining. 

From street food all the way up to seven courses, there’s so much to enjoy. You’re always steps away from something delicious in Disney World. 

As someone who’s gone and experienced nearly every restaurant it has to offer, I’ll be sharing with you favorite items to enjoy, snacks, my go-tos. 

I encourage you to read our book,Actual Factual Magic — The Simplified Guide to Walt Disney World as you will have everything you need there. I like to encourage our digital copy so you can have our book in your pocket on your smart phone or tablet when you’re on your journey. 

Outside of Disney, I have my own creation and food blog, www.fancyathome.com. I am working on publishing a cookbook and I can’t wait to share it with you. Coming from a foodie capital, Chicago, I feel spoiled when it comes to dining well on a regular basis. I became inspired bout 10 years ago by the show, MasterChef, and I told myself “I really need to up my cooking level. I love to eat, but I love to cook and can cook well.” 

So I am a self-taught home cook, who’s had a few culinary experiences globally as well as exciting experiences in Chicago you can learn more about at Fancy at Home. 

I know what you’re probably thinking: The old saying “never trust a skinny chef.” I promise you I love food, know it well, and I’m a skilled cook. I am proud of my pallet that can dissect ingredients as well as determine how something was made. 

I also love martial arts and run — in fact — you’ll likely find me at a Run Disney event as I am always constantly training for one. So that helps keeping the weight off and why I get to enjoy so much food at home and in Disney. I literally have done one of the Run Disney Half Marathons, and then took my sweaty and sore self over to one of the buffets — apologies Disney, I’m confident you lose money on me those days. Anyways, I like to think “I’m always training to eat at Disney.” ;) 

For today, and for my very first entry, aside from wanting to get to know me better and introduce myself, I figured I’d leave you with one small foodie piece of knowledge and a little bit about me: 
I cannot go to Disney World without getting Mickey waffles. I must get these little warm puffs of Mickey happiness when I’m there. If I don’t, my trip feels defective. You’ll find when you travel to Disney - whatever the cadence - you’ll build your own foodie traditions too. 

For me, it became “each trip must include Mickey waffles” to “after each Run Disney event, I must have Disney waffles.” Nothing better than a shiny medal paired with Mickey waffles and maple syrup. 

You can find these at several quick-service or even counter service restaurants. I regularly will find them at 1900 Pare Fare at the Grand Floridian, Ohana at the Polynesian, or Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge. There’s plenty more hotels that offer them, and even some theme parks at breakfast so check to be sure. But these widely available treats are loved by so many of all ages.

Are these the most gourmet food item often at Disney? No. Are they most expensive? No. But they are delicious and my favorite thing to get. So, I hope as you follow along more, we’ll build some trust and that I’ll guide you to all foodie things - big or small, expensive or not. My rule of thumb? Is it delicious? Yes. How delicious? And we go from there. 

I hope whether you get the book, or you perhaps just want to follow along in the blog, we can build trust over time. 

Catch you next week as I post on a weekly basis! 

Get your copy of our 5/5 guidebook here: Actual Factual Magic — The Simplified Guide to Walt Disney World
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